Beach Glass Design specializes in custom motorized window shades for homes and business across NJ.  Working closely with leading suppliers of the latest, strongest and most stylish window shades, we give you a wide variety of designs, colors and features to choose from.  We have both interior and exterior shades and shutters to protect and compliment your home inside and outside.

Whether you are looking for style, convenience, protection from the sun, protection from the weather, privacy or the complete picture, our teams will design and install the perfect setting for you.  Select the ideal materials and opacity to allow just the right amount of sun in, and use the remote features to control the light in any room with a push of a button. Save money on heating and air conditioning bills with indoor protective window coverings, while enjoying an elegant look and motorized technology to ensure your shades last.

We work with windows of all sizes and types, including windows that are blocked, or in hard-to-reach places.  Learn more about motorized indoor and outdoor shades for you home and contact us for details.