Interior Windown Blinds, Shutters & Coverings

Motorized Shades and Drapery- Installed by Beach Glass Design

Interior shades offer numerous benefits and make your room more enjoyable all day long and all year round.  Your favorite spaces stay cooler with protection from the sun, you enjoy complete privacy throughout your home and the motorized technology can be activated from any room in your home.

Ultra Quiet Serena Motorized Shades

Beach Glass Design supplies ultra-quiet Shades and Drapery for motorized interior window coverings in NJ.  Their long-lasting durability, leading technology and wide range of styles provides ultimate convenience, accessibility and luxury.  Radio frequency technology allows you to active your shades from anywhere using the intuitive remote controls or app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Hardwired and Batteries powered motorized system last for years and simple to use.  Every fabric under the sun so you can find the perfect combination to accent your home.

Call or email Beach Glass Design today to see samples of Shades and Drapery and get a quote for your motorized interior window shades and coverings in NJ.